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Pedicure Chairs

La Fleur Series

La Fleur Three 9620 Pedicure Chair
La Fleur 9640 Pedicure Chair
La Fleur With 9622 Chair
La Fleur III Pedicure Chair 9620
The La Fleur III 9620 model is well designed for comfort with padded headrest and patterned cushioning. Truly luxurious.
La Fleur Pedicure Chair 9640
La Fleur 9640 is an upscale chair with 2 fold down manicure trays on both sides, remote holder and large color selection.
La Fleur III Pedicure Spa 9622
Features an adjustable footrest for an elevated level of comfort that benefits both the client and technician.
La Fleur II 9620 Pedicure Chair
La Fleur Four 9640 Pedicure Chair
La Fleur 4 9622
La Fleur IV Pedicure Chair 9620
The New La Fleur 9620 comes with designer diamond patterned upholstery and 2 manicure trays with soaker bowls for the ultimate pedicure service.
La Fleur IV Pedicure Spa 9640
The La Fleur IV 9640 model is the latest generation of the La Fleur Series Chair with an all new designer footrest for the ultimate in comfort.
La Fleur IV 9622
The 9622 massage chair is available in 3 upholstery colors. Chair features roller shiatsu massage, remote control and side trays with removable soaking bowls.

Camellia Pedicure Spas

Camellia 9620 Pedicure Chair
Camellia 9640 Pedicure Chair
Camellia 9622 Chair Camellia 2 Spa Pedicure Chair
Camellia 9620
Camellia 9620 base allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. The manicure trays and soaker bowls are an excellent feature on the 9620 chair.
Camellia 9640 Pedicure Chair
This luxurious design is simply comfortable. The large glass pedicure bowl gives great foot space and the base makes installation easy.
Camellia 9622 Pedicure Chair
Camellia 9622 features a hand held remote and soaking bowls on the massage chair. Padded Footrest provides excellent comfort for client.
Camellia 2 9640 Pedicure Spa
This chair featrues polished chrome foot for base support which generates a clear space underneath the base for a clean look for your nail salon.

Glass Bowl Series Chairs

La Maravilla Pedicure Chair
GSpaW Pedicure Chair Toepia GX Pedicure Spa
La Maravilla Pedicure Chair
The La Maravilla features a gold and silver concept to showcase luxury design for your nail salon.
Lenox SE
The Lenox is uniquely designed with quality components. Features include removable footrest, adjustable armrest and elegant glass bowl.
Gspa W Pedicure Chair
Comes with an elegant designed base that includes foot rest, glass bowl and wood/aluminum trim with a convenient access panel.
Toepia GX
Modern design to perfection. The Toepia Spa comes with a Hard Roc Glass Bowl in several color options.
Lavender 3 9620 Chair
Lavender Spa Chair
Le Tulip 9640 Pedicure Chair Le Tulip 9620 Pedicure
Lavender III 9620 Spa
Includes an improved height adjustable footrest to provide comfort for both technician and client. Includes Cleanjet Max System.
Lavender III 9640 Pedicure Chair
The Lavender III comes with a designer base & glass pedicure sink. This chair includes 2 manicure trays, pipeless whirlpool, footrest and luxurious upholstery.
Le Tulip 9640 Pedicure Chair
The Le Tulip 9640 makes the design or renovation of your spa easy. The plush head rest and recline seating make for an enjoyable visit at your spa.
Le Tulip 9620 Pedicure Chair
Featrures manicure trays and removable soaker bowls as a standard feature . The diamond pattern stitching is simply luxurious and elegant.

GSpaF Pedicure Chair
Le Tulip III 9622 Aquaspa Nine 9640 Pedicure Chair La Violet Pedicure Chair
Gspa F Pedicure Chair
Modern styling . The human touch massage creates the ultimate pedicure experience. Vibrant Colors available for bowl, chair and base.
Le Tulip III 9622 Pedicure Chair
Comes with an elegant latest square glass bowl with a large selection of colors to choose from. The 9622 chair features a roller shiatsu massage function.
Aquaspa Nine 9640
Comes with massage remote, large glass pedicure sink and side swirl insert. The 9640 massage chair comes with 2 wooden side trays.
La Violet Pedicure Chair
Designer glass pedicure sink, adjustable footrest and shiatsu massage. The Pillow & Trays make it the ultimate pedicure experience.
Daisy II Pedicure Chair Cleo GX Pedicure Spa Argento Pedicure Spa Lenox GX Spa
Daisy Pedicure Chair
The Daisy offers a soothing massage, generous recline and plush headrest. The Glass Pedicure Bowl creates a serene spa atmosphere.
Cleo GX
Simplicity of design. The Cleo combines the beauty and solidity of the glass bowl with an exquisitely contoured base to create the perfect.
Argento SE Pedicure Chair
The new Argento can be upgraded with a 6" lifting mechanism to position customers comfortably during their service. Variety of chair colors.
Lenox GX Pedicure Spa
The Lenox GX features a base with modern curves and colored glass bowl
argento-rg-pedicure-spa.html Lenox DS Bravo Pedicure Chair Tiwala Pedicure Chair
Argento RG
The combination of the modern base and elegant glass bowl makes this pedicure chair an eye catcher. Customize your chair to your salon.
Lenox DS Pedicure Spa
Unit comes equipped with hard roc bowl, faucet with pullout sprayer and comfortable footrest. Features heat and vibrate massage.
Bravo Pedicure Spa
Available in many different color combinations. Customize colors on the glasss sink, fiberglass base and massage chair upholstery.
Tiwala HT245 Chair
Manufactured with many different options including: cup holders, manicure trays, purse holder and more.
Lenox M Pedicure Chair Katai Glass Spa Ampro 9640 Pedicure Chair Aquaspa Rainbow Pedicure Chair
Lenox M
The all new Lenox M is features a high quality glass bowl and side trays for your clients convenience.
Katai SG Pedicure Spa
The Katai SG features an elegaant square glass pedicure bowl that is available in many different vibrant colors.
Ampro Spa 9640
The new Ampro features an illuminated sleek base with led lighting. Several base, bowl and chair colors are available to select from.
Aquaspa Rainbow Chair
Sleek acrylic base, large glass pedicure sink and adjustable footrest. The massage chair comes with 2 wooden side trays.

No Plumbing Pedicure Spas

La Plumeria Pedicure Chair La Plumeria 9640 Pedicure Chair Simplicity Pedicure Spa Simplicity LE Pedicure Chair
La Plumeria 9620
The New La Plumeria comes with a removable bowl for filling and draining. Features aslo include adjustable footrest, foot warmer and pedicure liner upagrade.
La Plumeria 9640
Perfect for No Plumbing Locations. The La Plumeria 9640 comes with a portable pedicure bowl, adjustable footrest and a massage chair with side trays.
Simplicity SE
Perfect for no plumbing locations. Comes with a portable pedicure bowl that features a heat and 3 level vibrate massage function.
Simplicity LE
No installation Required. The Simplicity plus can easily be placed in your salon as no plumbing connections are necessary. Available with Liner Option.
Mystia No Plumbing Chair Pedicure Spa With Pullout Independence No Plumbing Pedicure Chair  
Mystia Pedicure Spa
The Mystia comes with a Tuckaway Footrest and Pedicure Bowl to provide convenience and add a touch of aesthetic elegance. Matching pedicure stool is also available..
Alpina No Plumbing
Features a Copper Bowl Foot Bath that stores directly underneath the seat. Includes an extendable footrest on the chair and an adjustable footrest on foot bath pullout.
Independence No Plumbing Chair
The Independence chair features a pullout base with a portable footsie bath and tech stool. A great economical option that won't break the budget.

Furniture Base Chairs

Maestro Pedicure Spa
Echo Pedi Spa Echo Pedi Spa Vantage Pedi Spa
Maestro Pedicure Chair
The Maestro features a swivel massage chair with heat, real wood veneer, solid surface basin and a dual adjustable footrest. Simply Luxurious.
Echo SE
Elegant styling with handcrafted luxury. Features include jet system, adjustable footrest and durable acrylic sink. Side Panel option is available.
Echo LE Pedicure Spa
The Echo LE comes with a vibrant laminated arched base which includes a highly stain resistant acrylic pedicure sink.
Vantage Pedicure Chair
The Vantage spa chair includes a spacious basin with pipefree jets, footrest and pullout spray. Several Base laminate options are available
Ion 2 HT245 Pedicure Chair
Katai II HT045 Pedicure Spa Katai-GI Pedicure Chair Tivoli Pedicure Spa
Ion II HT245 Pedicure Chair
The Ion II HT245 comes with removable state-of-the-art click manicure arm trays and hand held remote control. Features front panels for easy access.
Katai II HT045 Pedicure Spa
The Katai II HT045 comes with decorative accent panels, storage compartments and trays. Simply one of the top chairs on the market today.
Kata-GI HT245
The Kata-GI Features modern design and simply provides comfort for the client and performance for the technician. Truly is a place to unwind.
Tivoli Pedicure Chair
The Tivoli comes with a beautiful handcrafted base offering several laminate colors. 3 Luxurious chair tops are available to choose from.
Katai Foot Spa
Chi  Spa Pedicure Chair  Chi Spa Pedicure Spa  
Katai Pedicure Chair
The Katai is a vibrant chair with several features. Katai comes with decorative laminate base and basin. Plush padding provides ultimate comfort.
Chi Spa 9640 Chair
The Chi Spa provides a natural look with the wood style base. The pedicure sink is available in several different colors.
Chi Spa 9620 Chair
Elegant drop in pedicure sink, up/down armrests and massage chair remote control. Features Cleanjet Max System.

Vented Chairs

Legato Vented ChairVented
Katai Vented Pedicure ChairVented    
Legato Vented Pedicure Spa
The Legato Chair is vented to assist in eliminating nail dust and fumes from the air. The LED light panels make is shine.
Katai Vented Spa
Katai is now available in a vented model. Helps protect clients and employees from harmful fumes and nail dust.

Acrylic Basin Series Chairs

Ceneta Chair Episode LX Pedi Spa Z450 Pedicure Spa Chair Pacific AX Pedicure Chair
Ceneta HT245 Chair
Contemporary base design and luxurious massage chair make the Ceneta Chair and easy choice. Rear access panel makes maintenance simple.
Episode LX Pedicure Chair
A contemporary look with all the features a pedi spa should have including a built-in remote, up/down armrests and adjustable manicure trays.
The SpaZi Z450 Pedicure Spa is a state of the art chair with sliding arms to allow for easy in and out access for clients. Truly Comfortable.
Pacific AX Pedi Chair
The Pacific comes with satin-finished cherry wood arms that adjust up and down for easy in and out access for the client. Autofill upgrade available.
Petra Pedicure Spa Panther Pedispa Davin Pedicure Chair Pavia Pedicure Spa
Petra RMX Pedicure Spa
Exquisite Design. The sleek designed base comes in several stunning colors. Side Trays come with convenient built in cup holders.
Panther HT245
The Panther Spa comes with a sleek designed acrylic base, two wooden manicure trays and a plush headrest that is the ultimate in comfort.
Davin Pedicure Spa
Tee Davin can be upgraded with the latest in spa accessoires including UV Gel lights, midi light and Ipad Holder.
Pavia Pedicure Chair
The pavia has a natural flow in its base design along with removable panels for easy maintenance. Three Human Touch Massage Chairs to choose from.
Pacific DS Pedicure Chair      
Pacific DS Spa Chair
An excellent choice for delivering the perfect pedicure. Comes with full functioning shiatsu roller massage system.

Multi Purpose Collection

Pedicure Lounger EZ Back Zero Gravity Chair 5th Avenue Pedicure Chair 5th Avenue Club Chair
Pedicure Lounger
Lounger can accommodate clients of all heights. Featuring a fully articulating salon top that positions clients for pedicures, manicures, facials and more.
EZ Back Chair
Zero Gravity EZ Back Chair is perfect for multiple spa service treatments. Pedicure, Manicure, Waxing, Facials and many more. Several colors available.
5th Avenue Pedi Lounge
Top of the line pedicure spa designed for both manicures and pedicures. Its compact design is a perfect space saving solution with the TuckAway options.
5th Avenue Club Chair
The 5th Avenue Club Chair features a compact design for treatment rooms or salons with limited space. Available in both plumbing or non-plumbing options.
La Rosina Pedicure Chair Essex Spa Chair ZG Dream Lounger Soho All In One Chair
La Rosina Pedicure Chair
Compact Design. The La Rosina features a hidden glass bowl with pipefree whirlpool jets making it liner compatible.
Essex Pedi Spa
The Essex is the latest in innovation. Key features include a fully motorized seat, sanijet hydrotherapy tub and embedded control panel.
ZG Dream Pedicure Lounger
The hand crafted ZG Dream Lounger offers the ability to perfrom express treatments like facials, manicures, pedicures and reflexology.
Soho All In One Chair
The all in one chair is a great option for spas that offer numerous treatments including pedicure, manicure and massage.

Kids Collection

Mariposa Kids Pedicure Chair Kids Pedicure Spa ANS Kids Spa Chair Kids Cushion For Pedicure Spa
Mariposa Pedicure Spa
Pedicures are not just for adults anymore. The Mariposa design comes with all the main features as your standard chair.
Techna Kids Spa
The Kids Pedicure Spa comes with vibrating massage chair, cup holders and adjustable footrest. Several Colors and themes available.
ANS Kids Spa Chair
The Kids Spa features a 180 degree swivel massage chair for easy entry. Includes free technician stool.
Kids Pal Cushion
Perfect for accommodating children in your salon. Provides support and can fit on any chair. Panda and Polar Bear available.

Economy Series Chairs

Lalili 5 Pedi Spa Aqua Spa Four 9620 Pedicure Chair Aqua Spa Five 9640 Pedicure Chair Lalili IV Pedicure Chair
Lalili V Pedicure Spa
Includes a convenient pullout drawer in the bottom of the base to store supplies, accessories and more.
Aquaspa 4 9620 Pedicure Chair
Affordable Elegance. Comes with the 9620 massage chair. Includes 2 Side trays with revovable soaker bowls and up/down adjustable armrests.
Aquaspa 5 9620
Delivers at an excellent price. Includes all the features needed: Massage, Pipefree Jets, Adjustable Arms, Side Trays and more...
Lalili IV 9640
The Lalili IV carries all the features a should. Massage Chair, pipefree whirlpool and manicure trays. All at an excellent low price.
Cleo AX Bellini Pedicure Spa    
Cleo AX Pedicure Spa
Excellent quality at an excellent price. The Cleo AX delivers an invigorating massage and comes complete with all the features a spa chair should.
Bellini Pedicure Spa
The Bellini is an excellent chair with several options. The Human Touch Massage System comes with several different massage functions.


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